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-Julie Jones-

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Testimonials from Clients

“My session with Julie was very interesting. I’d never had a coaching session before and I didn’t know what to expect. Julie explained what we could talk about and we decided to try and get some organisation in my somewhat chaotic life. Julie suggested breaking my time up into blocks, to give limits to each activity, especially as creativity loves boundaries. We also discussed creating a morning routine. But the best idea that came out of the session was for me to create a set of cards, detailing each of the many activities I love and want to do, to shuffle and draw from in my “stuck” moments when I can’t choose what to do or where to focus my time. I’ve used this on a number of occasions now and it’s really nice to have a bit more direction. Thank you so much Julie!”

“Very professional and Julie really helped me get on track with what I am doing in life. I highly recommend her services!!!”

“Julie and I talked about how I can move forward in identifying my 1st clients and how to reach out to my existing contacts for connections. We also talked about ideas for motivating small to medium-sized businesses to move towards greener practices (which is what my new business will be doing). I enjoyed working with Julie, and the time flew by with lots of fun and practical ideas for me to use.”

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