Why do people appear 2-dimensional?

My thought is that our reference points have changed. Our usual in-person interactions have been severely up-ended. We no longer have the luxury of socializing or shopping without considering our infection risks.

We (ok, most of us) go out in public behind face masks. It has been a huge adjustment. My iphone doesn’t recognize me wearing a mask. A minor inconvenience, yes, this is a frequent reminder that life has changed – maybe forever.

My brain, at least, requires a certain amount of normalcy, predictability, a level of socializing with other people. Without this, I start to flounder to find something familiar, something comforting. All of this happens despite my being flexible in foreign countries and natural disasters. The 2-dimensional part has to do with a lack of mental stimulation from our usual lives. Without our usual reference points, our perceptions of the world change. It is important to keep social connections, even if we need to use face masks, communication technology (that would be zoom, google meet/hangouts, etc.), or old fashioned phone calls. If the 2-dimensional appearance of other people continues, it could be time to consult your medical doctor for help, and/or a mental health professional. We will get through this together.